Intellectual Community

Creating a culture of curiosity is at the heart of all OUE's Intellectual Community offices and programs. Whether through structured living-learning communities or informal student-faculty interactions (and everything in between), OUE believes our lives are enriched by connecting to and learning from one another.  


Intellectual Community Offices & Programs

Bass Fellows

Fellows are professors selected for their extreme dedication to teaching undergraduates and for their stellar research. 

Office Contact
Seun Bello Olamosu
Duke Conversations

Duke Conversations is an undergrad led program. The program provides access for professors to host student dinners in their homes.  Due to COVID-19, Duke Conversations will be held virtually for the 20-21 academic year.

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Faculty and Student Engagement
Duke LIFE Logo

This office exists to serve Duke's sizable undergraduate first-generation, low-income student body. This group amounts to about 20% of all undergraduates. First-generation students are defined as those who are the first in their families to attend a four-year college. Low-income means their families have less than a $60,000 annual income. 

Office Contact
Sachelle Ford
(919) 360-3716
Duke LIFE logo.
Duke LIFE Student Group

The mission of the Duke LIFE (Low-Income, First-Generation Engagement) student group is to create and provide community space, resources, and advocacy for students on Duke’s campus who identify as first-generation and/or low-income. The organization aims to use the energy and creativity of its members to advocate for a Duke that is more inclusive, comfortable, and welcoming of the first-generation/low-income identity. These goals will be accomplished by hosting events focused on bringing the community together and creating identity development programs and activities relevant to the wants and needs of organization members and all First-Generation and/or Low-income students at Duke.

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The Faculty-in-Residence Program houses professors in first-year residence halls to encourage interaction between faculty members and undergraduate students beyond the classroom or lab.  The FiR program affords a broad range of informal and structured opportunities for participating faculty to draw freely on their vocational and professional interests and seek common ground with students in the residential setting.

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Faculty and Student Engagement
Muser Office Logo

Muser provides a central web-based location for researchers to post and students to apply for research projects at set times throughout the year using a clear and equitable platform. Research mentors include Duke faculty, research team leaders, postdocs, graduate students, lab technicians, and research affiliates.


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Duke Undergrad Muser
Office of University Scholars & Fellows

OUSF (pronounced oo-sef) is an intellectual hub that fosters academic engagement among Duke University students, alumni, faculty, and staff. OUSF supports members of the Duke community through the work of the Merit Scholarship Program Team (MSP), the Nationally Competitive Scholarships Team (NCS), and partnerships with a variety of other student focused groups. 

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Spring Breakthrough

Spring Breakthrough is an alternative spring break experience consisting of four-day courses taught by Duke faculty from Monday, March 7th to Thursday, March 10th, 2022.

Office Contact
Susan Kauffman