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The Office of Undergraduate Education: Where Academic Excellence Meets Student Life


Supporting Student Success

The Office of Education's Division of Student Success provides support for all aspects of a student’s academic journey. Our goal is to promote academic excellence, whether a student studies French or fluid mechanics. Through pre-major advising programs, individual learning consultations, and interactive workshops, The Office of Undergraduate Education enhances the ability of all students to achieve their academic goals.

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Fostering Intellectual Community

We’re all scholars here. The Office of Undergraduate Education believes that ideas have the power to both excite us and unite us. Whether through formal scholarly communities or informal conversation over a meal, OUE’s Division of Intellectual Community provides opportunities for students to develop their intellectual passions and meaningfully engage with faculty outside of the classroom.

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Facilitating Experiential Education

Experiential education is, by definition, learning by doing. Through immersive engagement opportunities, the Office of Undergraduate Education fosters curiosity, challenges student perspectives, and expands self-awareness.

In addition to offering opportunities for undergraduates to pursue experiential education in Durham, DKU, and (almost) everywhere in between, the Division of Experiential Education also provides centralized health and safety support resources for our OUE faculty, staff and undergrad students in the field.

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OUE's Student-Faculty Programs

FLUNCH, Duke Conversations, Muser, Faculty-in-Residence, and FacPass provide ways for students to meaningfully connect with professors outside of class. 

FLUNCH is just one of many ways for Duke students to meet faculty

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