Call for Nominations

Throughout April 2024, the university community, including faculty, students, staff, and alums, can submit nominations for the Judith Deckers Prize. The nominations will be gathered through a short online form, and nominators will be asked to speak on their candidate’s learning environment design, teaching, community, and student outcomes.

Nomination Form

Nomination Questions

The nomination consists of 4 questions. Personal testimonials, anecdotes, and examples are welcome. Each question has a 1,000-character response limit (spaces and punctuation count as characters). Please note that you are unable to save your work in the form. We recommend that you compose your responses in a Word document and then copy and paste them into the nomination form. If you have questions, please contact

How does the faculty member foster welcoming and effective learning environments inside and outside of the classroom? For example, how do they

  • create conditions for learners to be vulnerable but safe, challenged but with feelings of belonging;
  • make course expectations clear, welcome diversity of thought, implement pedagogies of care, model epistemic humility, meet students where they are, make course expectations clear, etc.?

How is the faculty member a teaching leader? For example, how 

  • is their teaching inspirational and relevant;
  • do they hone their craft over time and exhibit an openness to growth and experimentation;
  • do they use evidence-based and innovative strategies for teaching;
  • do they adapt to an evolving student body;
  • do they help students connect their learning beyond the course?

How has the faculty member contributed to a culture and community of learning and teaching excellence at Duke? For example, how

  • do they foster community in learning and teaching (e.g. teaching outside the classroom);
  • do they mentor other faculty;
  • are they a positive force within their field and discipline—orienting self/others toward the greater good of undergraduate education, modeling rigorous and respectful debate, etc.?

How has the faculty member cultivated significant student outcomes? For example, how do they

  • transform students;
  • connect students’ short-term learning with longer-term growth and goals;
  • support students' exploration in research and other forms of scholarship;
  • develop the life of the mind and a love of learning, encourage discovery and expression, ignite passion, creativity, compassion, etc.?

Award Details

This award illuminates and celebrates teaching excellence at Duke—in and outside of the classroom. The award winners will be thought leaders in the field who have a substantial track record of profoundly and positively affecting student learning and lives. 

All faculty members currently employed at Duke, who have taught an undergraduate course within the last four semesters in any undergraduate school (Trinity, Pratt, Nicholas, or Sanford) are eligible regardless of rank, title, classification, or research background. The award will grant three faculty members a prestigious honor along with a monetary prize of $35,000 each.


Nominations for the award will be accepted from the university community, including faculty, students, staff, and alumni, in April. Nominations will be gathered through a short online form. Duke Provost Alec Gallimore will announce the inaugural award winners in January 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about the Judith Deckers Prize, please email

Nomination details will be posted later in March here: Nominations will be gathered through a short online form that will be posted in April.

Yes, graduating seniors can nominate faculty. All students, staff, faculty, and alumni can nominate a faculty member for the Judith Deckers Prize.

No, nominations should be submitted via the online form, which will be available at from April 1-30, 2024.

The deadline for the 2024-2025 Judith Decker Prize is April 30, 2024, by 11:59 pm.

Nominations for the Judith Deckers Prize should be submitted individually.

Finalists for the Deckers Prize will be contacted about submitting portfolios about their teaching. Finalists’ portfolios are scheduled to be due in mid-September 2024.

No, undergraduate and graduate students are not eligible to win the Judith Deckers Prize.