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Extending the Classroom


Peter Feaver

If we are serious about Duke's mission in cultivating a community of life-long learners, then we must recognize that most of that learning for most of the rest of their life will happen outside the classroom. Duke's Program in American Grand Strategy takes that insight seriously and tries to construct learning opportunities that are based outside the classroom and in venues that involve intergenerational learning (including involving alums). When it works, it is great, but it is hard to pull off and easy to get wrong - and Peter Feaver will share examples of both types of outcomes. The Bass Society Seminar on Teaching Excellence highlights approaches from Bass Society of Fellows faculty, who are each recognized for excellence in teaching undergraduates and have a distinguished record of scholarship. Throughout the seminar, Bass Fellows lead sessions and highlight an aspect of their successful teaching strategies. Sessions include an interactive component and lunch is provided. Registration is required and space is limited; junior faculty are encouraged to attend. For more information, contact the Student-Faculty Engagement Office in Undergraduate Education at


Lecture/Talk, Research, Student, Teaching & Classroom Learning