Assistant Vice Provost and Director, Karsh Office of Undergraduate Financial Support

Miranda McCall is the Director of Undergraduate Financial Support and has served in various roles as a part of Duke’s initiative to meet financial need for the past nine years. Miranda has spent her career focusing on financial aid policy development as she partners with national colleagues to develop best practices in aid administration. She has served as faculty for the Financial Aid Institute, is the incoming methodology chair for the College Board’s Financial Aid Standards and Services Advisory Committee and works as a Standards of Excellence reviewer for the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators.

In addition to her work in policy, Miranda approaches her role not only as an administrator but also as someone whose life has been personally changed by the impact of generous financial aid. Miranda sees her work as the culmination of the efforts of so many aid administrators before her, and while overseeing the day-to-day operations of the undergraduate financial aid office, Miranda believes her work to assist students and families is an integral part of Duke’s mission and an effort that changes lives and betters our community.