Staff Assistant for Credit Transfer, Global Education Office, Experiential Education

Mark Taylor has worked in higher education records and registration since 2004. He continually strives for process improvement, accuracy, and timely responsiveness. Mark prides himself on effectively communicating and executing established policies and procedures while at the same time supporting students with understanding and reassurance.

Prior to joining Experiential Education/GEO, Mark spent 15 years in Duke’s Office of the University Registrar facilitating the transfer of credit for a variety of special programs, including the Interinstitutional Agreement and Robertson Scholars Program, as well as posting approved study abroad course credit.

Though his international travel experience is limited, his exposure to different cultures and languages is expansive having grown up in the D.C. metro area. Mark first took an extracurricular French class in elementary school and studied it for 5 years in both high school and college. Mark earned his BA degree in Sociology from Lenoir-Rhyne University and participated in such campus organizations as the International Club and Model UN.

Primary Responsibilities: Course approvals, Study away transfer credit processing, GEO-approved course database administration, Administrative support for the Arts and Sciences Council Global Education Committee