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Duke Offers University-Wide Course on Race

Supported with funds from The Duke Endowment to advance understanding of historical and current racism, a new university course entitled "The Invention and Consequences of Race" will be open to 300 undergraduates from any discipline and offered in Fall 2021. More than 12 faculty members from across the university will co-teach the class.  

“...'Many faculty at Duke, especially our Black faculty, have always been engaging race and racism in their research and teaching, but it has not been picked up as a university-wide initiative,” said Professor Aimee Kwon, associate professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, and one of the course co-conveners. “The difference is that all the stars have aligned: A series of global, national, and local crises have aligned administration, faculty, staff and students to come together to make this happen with the resources and the support needed to bump us over a collective inertia. This course has the potential of putting this central issue on the Duke intellectual map front and center.' "

Read more about the course in Duke Today.