Return Checklist

Checklist for Students Requesting a Return 

  1. Consult timelines for return and pay special attention to registration dates. 
  2. Complete the Time Away Return Form.
  3. If you are requesting a return from a Medical Leave of Absence, your treating providers will complete the Treating Provider's Recommendations for Return. Once completed, your providers can secure email the forms to or fax the forms to (919) 668-6393. 
  4. Contact the Bursar's Office to reconcile any outstanding financial balances and ensure you have clearance for return. The Bursar's Office can be reached at (919) 684-3531 or We recommend that you call and email the Bursar's office. 
  5. Contact Housing and Residence Life regarding your residency while your request for return is under review.
  6. Request for Transfer Credit: If you are eligible to transfer credits back to Duke, you must request that an official transcript be sent directly to Duke's Registrar's Office. Only transcripts sent directly from the visiting institution’s Office of the Registrar are considered official documents. It is against faculty regulations for any candidate to take a course at another university and later enroll in the equivalent course at Duke. After your official transcript has been reviewed by your review committee, it will be forwarded to Duke’s Office of the Registrar independent of your return decision. If you were academically dismissed or suspended, you are not eligible to receive credit for course work completed during your separation period.
  7. Students experiencing mental health and health concerns may qualify for classroom or housing accommodations through the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Please visit the SDAO website or call the Student Disability Access Office, at (919) 668-1329 for additional information.