Time Away Request

Complete the Time Away Inquiry Form if you wish to take a Personal Leave of Absence, a Medical Leave of Absence or a Voluntary Withdrawa

Time Away Inquiry Form

Checklist for Students Requesting Time Away

  1. Complete the Time Away Inquiry Form.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the Time Away Office in order to discuss your leave, expectations during your leave and plans to return. 
  3. Contact the Bursar's Office and settle any financial obligations you may have or to ask any questions about pro-rated refunds on tuition or the Tuition Withdrawl Adjustment Schedule. We recommend that you call and email the Bursar's office. The Bursar's Office can be contacted at (919) 684-3531 or bursar@duke.edu.
  4. Contact housing@duke.edu and reach out to your Residential Coordinator to let them know of your plans. (You can find your Resident Coordinator's contact information here). Generally, when students residing on campus request a leave of absence of any kind, they are provided 72 hours to move off of campus. If you are a residential student on campus, please be sure to follow move-out protocol. The Time Away Office can help you arrange your move-out.
  5. Check the Duke Student Health Insurance Plan website for answers related to the Duke Student Health Insurance. The Duke Student Health insurance plan is purchased for the entire academic school year and the plan runs from August 1 to July 31.  
  6. If you are an International Student, be sure to contact Duke Visa Services as soon as you decide to take a leave of absence so they can assist with Visa status, filing and questions pertinent to your leave. We recommend that you call and email the Visa Services office. Duke Visa Services can be contacted at (919) 681-8472 or visahelp@mc.duke.edu

Visit Time Away Return page when you are ready to begin the return process.