Time Away Return Requests

All students interested in returning to Duke will need to complete the return process. The Time Away Office will process your return, send you a formal welcome back letter with information regarding registration, housing and will be available to help you develop an individualized return plan. We will also support you when you return to campus and will host events to help you get reconnected. Please note that you will not be able to register for classes or housing without going through the return process. Complete the appropriate form below and we will help you through the process. If you have questions, please email us at timeaway@duke.edu. 

Fall 2024 Return Requests

The Fall 2024 return request is now open and will remain open until June 1st.

Fall 2024 Return Form

Return Process FAQ's

Having an outstanding balance on your Bursar account is the number one reason for a student's return to be delayed. If you have an outstanding balance, please reach out the Bursar's office to clear that balance. If you need help or want to talk it through, please reach out. We are here to support you!

That is completely fine. When to return is a very personal decision and one you don't have to make alone. We would be happy to schedule a time to connect with you and talk through your concerns and help you develop a plan moving forward. Again, we are here to support you and WANT to support you.

We know it can be hard to take the step to reach out and ask this big question after it has been some time since you were at the institution but rest assure, we are here to support you. I will help you understand your status with the university and help you develop a return plan. We can also help you get connected to various resources across campus and orchestrate your return. Please reach out so you have an answer and we can help you build a path forward. 

Return Checklist

Consult the Return Checklist as soon as you begin to consider your return plans. Please remember to check your Bursar account, your return cannot be processed if you have any outstanding balance on your account. If you need help you want to talk through any questions you have, please reach out to us at timeaway@duke.edu.

Return Checklist

Return Timelines

The deadlines for returns are determined according to registration windows and housing considerations so that all students, including returning students, receive equitable course selection and housing considerations. 

Returning SemesterReturn Requests OpenReturn Requests Close
Summer 2024

February 1st

Summer registration begins February 19th.

April 1st

Fall 2024

March 1st

Fall registration begins April 3rd.

June 1st
Spring 2025

August 1st

Spring registration begins October 30th.

October 1st

If it is after the deadline and you have a truly extenuating circumstance, email timeaway@duke.edu.