Time Away Return Requests

The form for Spring 2024 closed on October 1st.

If you have questions about the return process or timelines, please reach out to the Time Away Office. We are happy to help.

Return Checklist

Consult the Return Checklist as soon as you begin to consider your return plans.

View the Checklist

Return Timelines

The deadlines for returns are determined according to registration windows and housing considerations so that all students, including returning students, receive equitable course selection and housing considerations. 

Returning SemesterReturn Requests OpenReturn Requests Close
Spring 2024

August 1

Spring registration begins November 1st.

October 1

Summer 2024

February 1

Summer registration begins February 19th.

April 1
Fall 2024

March 1

Fall registration begins April 3rd.

June 1

If it is after the deadline and you have a truly extenuating circumstance, email timeway@duke.edu.