Time Away empowers students to take time off when they feel it is necessary to align their personal and academic paths, enables them to seek time away with minimal administrative burden, and provides connection and support to facilitate a successful return.

What is the Time Away Office?

The mission of Duke's Time Away Office is to guide students throughout the leave and return process. The Time Away Office works closely with offices across Duke, including Trinity Academic Deans and Pratt Academic Deans Duke ReachCounseling and Psychological Services, the Student Disability and Access Office and many other offices across campus. Our goal is to work with all our campus partners to streamline your leave experience, to ensure continuity and connections, and to make sure you experience a supportive, warm and care-centered leave and return process.


Contact the Time Away Office

Email: timeaway@duke.edu
Phone Number: (919) 684-2075

Location: Student Wellness Center                                                                                                                           

Director: Lori Nicolaysen, M.Ed.

Virtual support services available during your time away from Duke 

Academic Advising Center

You will be encouraged to maintain contact with all members of their advising team. You can access advising support services through email or by scheduling an appointment with a member of the Academic Advising Center staff or a peer advisor.

Duke Email

You will continue to have access to your Duke email account.

Academic Deans

You will still have the ability to reach out to your academic dean to ask questions and plan for your return to campus. 


You will continue to access to the supports available to you through DukeReach.

Academic Resource Center

You are encouraged to use Academic Resource Center (ARC) services including learning consultations, Test Prep, workshops, and online resources. Learning Consultants can help you structure your time while away, examine current learning processes and develop approaches tailored to you and develop study plans.  


You are encouraged to participate in virtual wellness activities such as the Moments of Mindfulness programs, Koru workshops (to assist in a mediation practice) or a Students in Recovery group. For a full list of wellness activities please visit https://studentaffairs.duke.edu/duwell/wellness-activities.

Blue Devils Care Counseling Services

You will have access to free 24/7 online counseling services with certified mental health professionals. You will need your Duke email address to sign up for services. For more information about this service, please visit https://www.timely.md/faq/blue-devils-care-faq/

Identity and Cultural Centers 

You will continue to have access to the virtual services, programs and supports offered through the various identity and cultural centers on campus.  

Career Center 

You will retain access to, and are encouraged to utilize, the Career Center's online tools, programs/workshops, and career advisors during your time away. These services can be especially useful to students who are taking time to evaluate their purpose, goals, and direction, and those who would like to use their time away to network with alumni and/or explore potential experiences.

Office of Health Professions Advising

You are encouraged to utilize  HPA's online tools, newsletter/listserv, online programs/workshops, and pre-health advisors during your leave. These services can be especially useful to students who are taking leave to discern their narrative, purpose, goals, and direction, and to those who would like to use their time away to conduct research and/or explore clinical experiences.


When you are ready to return

The Time Away Office will help streamline your return to Duke. To initiate your return, visit the Time Away Return page. There you will find information on timelines for requesting your return to campus and a checklist for your return.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us directly. 

Time Away Office

Email: timeaway@duke.edu

Phone Number: (919) 684-2075

Director: Lori Nicolaysen, M.Ed.