OUE Research

OUE Research's logo, an arrangement of bar chart bars in a rainbow circle

In OUE Research, we take a scientifically rigorous approach to investigating the diverse processes that impact student success and well-being. We also provide leadership for research, assessment, and evaluation efforts in furtherance of OUE’s mission to cultivate transformative educational experiences for all undergraduates. A key aspect of our work is to collaborate with partners across campus to leverage research evidence to inform campus decision-making 

OUE Research provides a complement to the existing robust institutional research and assessment infrastructure at Duke, which includes the Office of Institutional Research, Trinity College Office of Assessment, the assessment team in Student Affairs, and the Registrar, among others. A distinctive feature of OUE Research is that we take a holistic view of undergraduate student success, focusing not only on learning and academic performance, but also the broader socioemotional and institutional context in which students are living, learning, and developing. Within this holistic approach, our research centers on three domains that are foundational to student success: (1) relationships and social connection, (2) academic motivation and engagement, and (3) emotional well-being and mental health. 

Our team: 

Molly Weeks, Ph.D.
Director of Research
(919) 613-2657

Sarah Eisensmith, Ph.D.
Student Success Data and Assessment Manager

Marina Wagemaker, Ph.D.
Research Analyst
(919) 660-8848