Student Advisory Board

The Office of Undergraduate Education Student Advisory Board works to enhance Duke’s undergraduate experience by providing crucial insights to the vice provost and OUE senior leadership. Meetings will convene regularly throughout the academic year and will comprise  students who generally reflect the diverse demographics and interests of the undergraduate student body as a whole. Members will offer their counsel on a wide range of topics, including pressing campus concerns, strategies to improve the undergraduate experience, and specific programming.

Members of the Student Advisory Board (SAB) are expected to provide open, honest, and transparent feedback, while maintaining respectful and considerate interactions with other SAB members. Members are only asked to represent themselves and their own individual perspectives. They are not required nor expected to present or promote the views and values of any group, identity, or academic and professional interest on campus.

Students who accept a position on the board are expected to attend and be mindfully present at all meetings, as well as to participate in email exchanges with OUE staff. Students are also be expected to maintain privacy and confidentiality regarding meetings or correspondence if so directed. Students might be asked to convene outside of regularly scheduled meetings if the need arises during the school year.

2021-2022 SAB Members

Class of 2022: Lissette Araya, Jonathan Browning, Jacob Tolson, Qintian Zhang 
Class of 2023: Lana Gesinsky, Lindsay Hu, Philippe Izedian, Kiran Sundar, Kennede Lewin-Occenad, Jen Wang
Class of 2024: Vijay Anne, Nikhil Chaudhry, Madeleine Menkes 
Class of 2025: Chloe Decker, Dennis Wu