Qiu Wang

Assistant Professor of Chemistry (2018 - 2023)

Qiu Wang, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, has established an internationally recognized effort to develop new methodology for the synthesis and study of bioactive nitrogen containing molecules. Additionally, she investigates the development of new chemical approaches and tools for molecular labeling and imaging. Through her teaching, Qiu emphasizes critical thinking about the topics she presents in class and information that students are exposed to in their everyday lives. Her evaluations have fallen in the top 5% on campus for instructor quality and intellectual stimulation. Her course evaluations have highlighted Qiu’s enthusiasm and willingness to help when students take the time to meet her outside of class. She is renowned for high standards, well-organized and precise lectures, and – as always – a deep concern for all of her students. She is extraordinarily active at mentoring students at all levels including 3 high school students, 15 undergraduate students in research, and 8 graduate students. Her commitment to motivating students in the STEM fields is evident and this balance of high school, undergraduate, and graduate trainees speaks to her dedication to teaching and mentoring.