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Winter Forum 2018

Crisis Near Fiery Cross Reef: China, the United States, and the South China Sea

A naval incident near the manmade island in the South China Sea spirals the United States into a national security crisis.  Escalation has already occurred, and regional conflict appears likely, and it is up to the Duke students, playing various national security policymakers and advisors, to manage this crisis effectively.  Students will immerse themselves in the military, legal, diplomatic, cyber, intelligence, and policy realms to diagnose this crisis and prescribe a way out.   The crisis simulation will challenge students with a steady flow of developing events along with ever present pressure from national policymakers to provide clarity and policy options.  This forum challenges students with exposure to policymaking in the context of a geopolitical security crisis.  To help those students with less preparation in this area, the simulation will include several background presentations from practitioners and scholars.  Mission: avoid the next world war.  Prerequisites: courage and commitment. 

The 2018 Winter Forum was held Sunday, January 7th and concluded on Tuesday, January 9th at the Fuqua School of Business.