Gary Bennett

Psychology & Neuroscience; Global Health; Medicine

  • I am a double Dukie, married to a double Dukie, with 2 Duke loving kids and a dog.

  • I’m honored to serve as vice provost for undergraduate education.

  • I lead a research program that designs, tests, and disseminates digital treatments for medically vulnerable populations.

  • I’ve cofounded and sold two successful digital health start ups.

  • I am strangely good at Call of Duty. On the mobile version, my abilities are frightening. I cannot discuss this at home without spurring eye rolls, so thanks for listening.

  • I love tennis, and I am old. These things are beginning to conflict.

  • I’ve been a game show contestant, and won. If you’re awake at the middle of the night and see a guy strangely resembles me on the Game Show Network, go back to sleep.

  • I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.

  • My primary professional aspiration is to be a backup singer. I’m serious.

  • College completely changed my life. It wasn’t the capstone on a great high school career. Rather, it fundamentally revealed [to me] my strengths and gaps, deepened my social and cultural sensibilities, taught me how to empathize, and helped me sharpen my core values. I want all of you to have an experience that is even more transformative.

Duke's Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Gary Bennett
Gary Bennett