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This VLearn directory page consists of faculty who are eager to VLearn with students.

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Elizabeth Albright Image
Nicholas School of the Environment
Franca Alphin Image
Family Medicine and Community Health; Student Health/Student Affairs
Carol Apollonio
Slavic and Eurasian Studies
Owen Astrachan Image
Computer Science
David Banks Image
Statistical Science
Sarah Jean Barton
The School of Medicine (Orthopaedic Surgery; Division of the Occupational Therapy Doctorate); The Divinity School (the Theological Division)
Kyle Beardsley Image
Political Science
Duke's Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Gary Bennett
Psychology & Neuroscience; Global Health; Medicine
Emily Bernhardt Image
Biology; Nicholas School of the Environment
Volker Blum Image
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science; Chemistry
John Board Image
Electrical and Computer Engineering; Computer Science; OIT
Clark Bray Image
Hubert Bray Image
Mathematics; Physics
Martin Brooke
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Elizabeth Bucholz Image
Biomedical Engineering
Bruce Caldwell
Rosie Canizares Image
Evolutionary Anthropology, Doctor of Physical Therapy Division
Patrick Charbonneau Image
Chemistry; Physics
Charlotte Clark Image
Nicholas School of the Environment, Environmental Science and Policy
Dennis Clements Image
Global Health
Joan Clifford
Romance Studies, Spanish; Duke Service-Learning
Cori Crane Image
German Studies
Simon Davis Image