V-Learn Hub

The V-Learn Hub is designed to encourage student-faculty interaction beyond the classroom during the pandemic.

What is V-Learn?

V-Learn is primarily the virtual alternative to FLUNCH for Fall 2020

V-Learn is also a “meeting place” for students to discover and connect with faculty

V-Learn connects all Duke faculty regardless of expertise to all undergraduate students

Why V-Learn?

Enhance the value of our learning environment by connecting students to different faculty with diverse academic backgrounds and personal interests.

Who can V-Learn?

Students must be degree-seeking at Duke in order to participate in V-Learn. The last day to submit a V-Learn request is the last day of classes for a given semester; the last day to hold an approved V-Learn is the Friday of exam week each semester.

Faculty can become a part of the hub by joining the V-Learn directory, thereby giving access to students to connect with them based off professional and personal interests. All faculty are able to join a V-Learn regardless if they are a part of the directory or not.

What else?

  1. Follow all guidelines listed below in how to participate in a V-Learn.
  2. Be the student host of the V-learn. Only students acting as the host will be eligible, students participating as guests will not.
  3. V-Learn will operate virtually due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines. Our office will not approve in person meetings.

How to V-Learn (for students):

1. Invite a faculty member to V-Learn and decide on a mutually convenient time and virtual platform. We encourage students to host their V-Learn over Zoom, however other platforms can be used.

2. Submit your V-Learn request at least 3 business days before you plan to hold your V-Learn meeting.

3. Once approved, host your V-Learn and take a screenshot showing the meeting taking place. The screenshot must include you, other guests (if applicable) and your professor. Note that the faculty member invited to your V-Learn does not receive automatic notice of your V-Learn approval. You must coordinate and confirm details with faculty guests on your own.

4. Students must receive an approval email from our office and submit a screenshot or alternative confirmation in order to receive the Duke Store gift. We encourage students to submit their screenshot as soon as possible after their V-Learn as the cut off for submission is one month after the V-Learn takes place.

5. Students may invite up to five student guests to attend a V-Learn with them and can host or attend as many V-Learn meetings as they wish. Only first-time student hosts of the V-Learn will be eligible for the gift.

The last day to request to host a V-Learn for the Fall Semester will be November 16th, 2020. The last day to host a V-Learn will be November 20th, 2020.

The portal to request to host a V-Learn will open the first day of classes, August 17th 2020 at 8 AM EDT. 

How to V-Learn (for faculty):

We are inviting all Duke faculty, regardless of their area of expertise, who are willing to contribute to the undergraduate experience of Duke students to consider joining this effort.

Each individual profile will make up an online directory that would enhance the value of our learning environment by connecting students to different faculty with diverse academic and personal interests.

Should you wish to be included on this directory, kindly fill out this short survey. Upon submission, your name, photo, duke email, and profile submission will appear on OUE’s website.

Faculty who do not wish to be part of the directory, or who are not currently on the directory page can still be invited to a V-Learn by a current undergraduate student.

All questions about V-Learn should be sent to VPUE@duke.edu.