FINvite - Discontinued

The FINvite program was launched for the 2015-16 year with a key goal being to build a stronger sense of residential community in our independent houses on West and Central Campuses.  The expectation was that FINvite would have a limited “shelf life” – either we would see evidence that connecting faculty with houses via FINvite events helped houses develop a sense of community, or not.  After three years, we don’t have evidence that FINvite is contributing to residential community cohesiveness and identity.  Given a reinvigorated imperative to enhance the house experience, especially and preferentially for independent houses, we have decided that the resources devoted to FINvite would best be directed to other initiatives and programs that enhance our students’ Duke experience.  Thus, the FINvite program has been terminated as of the end of the 2018 Spring Semester.  (5/11/2018)