Sue Wasiolek

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

114 Gilbert-Addoms

At right: Dean Sue (center) pictured with Eli and Peyton Manning

For the past thirty-eight years (except for a brief nine-month hiatus to practice law), Sue Wasiolek (“Dean Sue”) has worked in the Division of Student Affairs at Duke University.  During this time, she has served as the Assistant to the Dean for Student Life, the Dean for Student Life and currently works as an Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.  Her areas of responsibility and oversight have included new student orientation, judicial affairs, residential life, parent programs, fraternity and sorority life, disability services, leadership development, student health and wellness, counseling and psychological services, mediation, crisis response and numerous “other duties as assigned.”  She has served for over thirty years as an academic advisor to freshmen and sophomores and has taught courses in education, law and cultural anthropology. Dean Sue has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Science Education, a Master of Health and Hospital Administration and a Master of Law degree from Duke.   She has also completed a Juris Doctor degree from North Carolina Central University and a Doctor of Education from the University of Pennsylvania.
Having served as a peer reviewer for the NCAA, Dean Sue enjoys intercollegiate athletics from an intellectual and spectator perspective (she has no athletic ability at all but does enjoy jogging).  Her master’s of law thesis was entitled “Intercollegiate Athletics and Federal Income Tax Policy” while her doctoral dissertation focused on the efficacy of the NCAA self-study certification process.
In 2008, Dean Sue co-authored a book entitled, “Getting the Best Out of College.”  The second edition was released in Spring 2012.
Dean Sue loves Durham and enjoys everything it has to offer.  Her favorite places at Duke are Wallace Wade and the Al Buehler Trail.
In October 2013, Dean Sue accepted an invitation to become a Faculty-in-Residence. She currently loves living in Gilbert-Addoms with 190 smart, achievement-oriented, fun, energetic freshman students. 
One thing that Dean Sue wants all Duke students to know about her, but especially freshmen, is that she was pre-med at Duke, finished all pre-med requirements, took the MCAT, applied to medical school and was rejected by each and every one of them.  To this day, she considers this the best decision that was ever made for her.  She loves talking with frustrated pre-meds and wants to assure them that there is life after calculus, organic chemistry and physics.