Patrick Charbonneau

Associate Professor, Chemistry

136 Blackwell

Prof. Charbonneau joined Duke in 2008 as a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry. His research interests center around the theory of soft materials (think, say, plastics and gels). He also teaches classes on that theme, and once in a while gets to lecture about the science of cooking (food being the tastiest of soft materials).

In his spare times, Prof. Charbonneau enjoys running (around town), singing (mostly in choirs), eating (various foods), and learning about history (local and otherwise). His wife, Geneviève, and he have also recently welcomed newborn Félix to their home, thus bringing big bundles of joys but fewer spare times.

Although Prof. Charbonneau does not like to write much, he is a fierce editor. He is also not a big fan of parentheses.