Bradley Rogers

Assistant Professor of Theater Studies

103 Alspaugh

Having grown up in Southern Virginia, I went to the University of Virginia, where I studied music history, theory, and composition as an undergraduate. From there, I traveled to Berkeley, where I received an M.A. and Ph.D. in the interdisciplinary Rhetoric program, which allowed me to integrate my interests in literary theory, performance studies, music, and film. After graduating, I spent two years at the Jackman Humanities Institute of the University of Toronto, where I was part of a group of researchers working on the theme of "Image and Spectacle."

Now that I'm back in the Piedmont, I teach theory and history courses for the Theater Studies department. My research is animated by broad questions related to performance: How and why is performance so central to human life? What role does live performance have in a world that is increasingly obsessed with, and dominated by, gadgets and interfaces? And why do we tell stories in the ways that we do? In my spare time, I enjoy watching old movies, writing songs, collecting kitsch, learning how to make things, and eating Southern food.