Duke Immerse: 

A signature education initiative of Duke University

For Faculty

Duke Immerse: Imagining the Future of Food

Each Duke Immerse Program Consists of:

  • A cluster of four seminars focused around a central theme or global challenge (offered spring or fall semester)
  • An integrated curriculum reflecting the professors’ research and expertise
  • Two or more faculty members, within or across disciplines
  • Frequent and meaningful faculty-student interaction
  • Classroom learning connected with hands-on experience in the context of faculty research interests
  • Small enrollments (18 or fewer students)
  • Supplemental funding to support student research, fieldwork and experiential learning 

Propose a New Duke Immerse​

All Duke faculty are invited to submit a Letter of Intent to propose a new Duke Immerse. For new Fall 2022 Immerse programs, submit a Letter of Intent by October 15, 2021. For new Spring 2023 programs, submit a Letter of Intent by March 15, 2022. Successful proposals are clearly articulated and build on the faculty team's expertise; these may include proposals that are fully disciplinary or interdisciplinary, incorporate Service-Learning or complement an existing Bass Connections project or DukeEngage program.

Proposals that diversify existing Duke Immerse opportunities and reflect the expertise of Duke faculty receive priority.

To propose a new Duke Immerse opportunity, send a Letter of Interest to Program Director Morgan Barlow (immerse@duke.edu). Include in the letter a brief description of:

  • Overall concept and theme
  • Who will be involved (instructors, staff)
  • The four courses, title and brief description (may include new and existing courses)
  • Target student audience (from which majors, minors, and certificate programs)
  • Field-based experience or travel
  • Collaboration with community partner(s), if applicable

Duke Immerse is a semester-long program for undergraduates conceived of by Duke faculty.  It resembles the first-year Focus program, except in Duke Immerse, students take all courses together, not just a subset. Individual themes are research-intensive and may include off-campus experiences to enhance the curriculum. Themes involving travel are expected to follow related university policies and meet with the Duke Immerse Director to develop a risk management plan prior to the program offering.


Contact Duke Immerse Director Morgan Barlow (immerse@duke.edu) in the Office of Undergraduate Education.