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Rights & Identities in the Americas: Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, and Contemporary Challenges

Special Topics: Research in Human Rights

HISTORY 390S-01 SEM (6410)

Students will develop individual and team projects using primary and secondary sources collected throughout the semester, with a focus on human rights, history, activism and scholarly engagement. Students are expected to draw heavily on the materials at the Duke Human Rights Archive.

Travel to Mexico City and Puebla, Mexico is required, where the cohort will visit indigenous communities and the neighborhoods where many Durham families have ties. Instructor consent required.

Instructors: Liliana Paredes & Sarah Deutsch, PhD


Fall 2022

Special Topics: Research in Human Rights
Crosslisting Numbers: 
  • CULANTH 290S-01 SEM (6508)
  • PUBPOL 290S-01 SEM (6509)
  • ROMST 390S-01 SEM (6507)
Curriculum Codes: 

EI, R, SS, W