Duke Immerse: 

A signature education initiative of Duke University

Pandemics, Health & Power

Lives that Matter: Race, Disability, and the Ethics of Care/Work


Critical analysis of current discourses around “lives that matter,” especially Black and disabled lives and categories of “essential” work. Readings and discussions of the genres of writing and communication that bring these stories to life: fiction, life writing, critical essays, conversations, and global health policy documents regarding disparities of health, healthcare, and labor compensation. Analyze ethical debates on topics such as abuse in institutional settings, prioritization for vaccines, and global inequities in access to healthcare. Interrogate relationship between individuals and larger social structures, and consider consequences of both personal actions and public decisions. Consistent and sustained reflection on students’ growth as writers, and consideration of the broader social function of writing in its many forms. Interrogate how voice relates to power, and the social dynamics that give some populations more voice than others. Methods of ethical inquiry, scholarly research, rhetorical analysis, analytic writing, and advanced revision and editing techniques for publication. Qualitative research through site visits and interviews. Offered through Duke Immerse as part of "Pandemics, Health, and Power" cluster.

Instructor permission required.

Instructor: Marion Quirici, Ph.D.


Fall 2021

Prof. Marion Quirici giving a talk about accessibility at Tedx Duke
Crosslisting Numbers: 
  • GLHLTH 390S
  • PUBPOL 290S
  • RIGHTS 390S
  • ETHICS 390S
Curriculum Codes: 

EI, R, SS, W