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Rights & Identities in the Americas: Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, and Contemporary Challenges

Linguistic Human Rights in the Americas

ROMST 389S-01 SEM (6196)

This DukeImmerse course brings together topics of language and human rights, focusing on situations of linguistic disparities in the Americas. Explores questions of language contact, bilingualism and endangered languages from perspectives of social injustices and human rights. Examines how language aids in the construct of social context and institutions and how it reflects and sustains social realities, reflecting on situations of oppression and how they are associated to sociolinguistic attitudes and behavior. Explores overlap of linguistic human rights with cultural and minority rights; all in connection to the right of maintaining one's identity as well as sustaining human rights.

Instructor consent required.

Instructor: Liliana Paredes, PhD


Fall 2022

Linguistic Human Rights in the Americas
Crosslisting Numbers: 
  • LINGUIST 389S-01 SEM (6305)
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