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Global Inequalities

Global Inequalities Research Initiative (GIRI) Seminar: Global Domestic Policy

AAAS 642-02 (5364)

​​​​​This course would focus on domestic policy with specific focus on the US and China. Research topics include a range of domestic issues: housing, household debt, and domestic arrangements, as well as national and global forces such as health inequality, reproductive justice, and population outcomes. The course will place special focus on economically vulnerable populations in the US and China, including women and children, low-income households, and young adults. Open to Duke Immerse students only; instructor permission is required.

Instructors: William Darity, PhD & Marta Sánchez, PhD


Spring 2020

Student presenting her research
Crosslisting Numbers: 
  • ECON 541S-02 (5365)
  • PUBPOL 645S-02 (5251)
  • RIGHTS 642S-02 (5368)
  • SOCIOL 642S-02 (5366)
  • POLISCI 642S-02 (5367)
Curriculum Codes: