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Global Inequalities

Ethics in an Unjust World

PUBPOL 283S-01 (10140)

​​​​​​The course considers the question, "How can we fix injustice?"  It begins by exploring the nature of injustice through the lens of poverty. It examines a range of descriptive metaphors (for example, poverty as a "trap") and the consequences of each metaphor for social action. It then considers the word "fix,” and in doing so introduces several basic understandings of ethics (deontology, utilitarianism, contextual ethics, virtue, etc.) Finally, it considers the word "we" and offers three models for responding to injustice: working for, working with, and being with. Open to Duke Immerse students only; instructor permission required.

Instructor: Adam Hollowell, PhD


Spring 2020

Ethics course
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