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Urban Policy & Society

Comparative Urban Politics

POLCI 235S-01 SEM (4289)

A comparative examination and analysis of urban governance in South Africa and the U.S. Examines potential consequences of persistent racial and class disparities for housing and neighborhoods, public health, education, community infrastructure, and general economic and social development. Specific attention to how the physical layout, government structures, politics, culture, and the civil society of cities and urban areas may both promote and hinder human development and social justice. Instructor consent required.

Instructors: Kerry L. Haynie, PhD & Ralph B. Lawrence, PhD


Fall 2020

Comparative Urban Politics
Crosslisting Numbers: 
  • PUBPOL 285S-01 SEM (4403)
  • ICS 213S-01 SEM (4404)
  • RIGHTS 235S-01 (10233)
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