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Inequalities in the U.S. & China

Global Inequalities

Spring 2020

Inequalities in the U.S. & China

Investigating the complexities of economic and social inequality in the United States and China.

Inequality in the U.S. & China explores ethics, economics, social inequality and policy solutions specific to each country. Students will conduct independent research focused on questions of mobility and policy across six domains: employment, education, wealth, health, political participation and treatment by the legal system. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. William "Sandy" Darity, this bi-national Duke Immerse offers Duke undergrads the unique opportunity to engage and study with leading scholars of inequality at Duke University (U.S.) and Renmin University (China).

Students will also develop understanding of the configurations of power influencing disparities in both countries, scrutinizing matters of money, race, health, education, history, place and culture.

This program includes a 10-day research trip to Beijing, China. The Inequality in the U.S. and China Duke Immerse integrates independent comparative research with cross-cultural exchange and interdisciplinary classroom learning. Immerse students will explore themes of ethics and inequality with Dr. Adam Hollowell as well as educational, economic and political mobility in China with Dr. Kunfeng Pan.

Prerequisite: Writing 101

Registration: Registration for Spring 2020 is closed.

Course fee: $1,000; Duke provides additional grant aid to cover the cost of any course fee for all students receiving financial aid. The course fee is in addition to tuition, room and board. Contact Duke's Karsh Office of Undergraduate Financial Support (finaid@duke.edu) for more information. 

Lead Faculty

Professor William "Sandy" Darity
Samual DuBois Cook Professor of Public Policy
Adam Hollowell
Senior Research Associate
Dr. Kunfeng Pan
Visiting Scholar, Duke University; Associate Professor, School of Education, Renmin University of China
Dr. Marta Sánchez
Faculty Affiliate, Duke University; Assistant Professor of Social Foundations, UNC-Wilmington

Contact Adam Hollowell for more information.


Number Title Crosslistings Notes
EDUC 290S-03 (2534) China and Higher Education Access CCI, CZ, EI, SS SOCIO 290S-04 (2591) Spring 2020
PUBPOL 283S-01 (10140) Ethics in an Unjust World CCI, CZ, EI, SS Spring 2020
AAAS 642-02 (5364) Global Inequalities Research Initiative (GIRI) Seminar: Global Domestic Policy ALP, CCI, R, SS ECON 541S-02 (5365), PUBPOL 645S-02 (5251), RIGHTS 642S-02 (5368), SOCIOL 642S-02 (5366), POLISCI 642S-02 (5367) Spring 2020
AAAS 642S-01 (5359) Global Inequalities Research Initiative (GIRI) Seminar: Racial Wealth Gap ALP, CCI, R, SS ECON 541S-01 (5360), PUBPOL 645S-01 (5250), RIGHTS 642S-01 (5363), SOCIOL 642S-01 (5361), POLISCI 642S-01 (5362) Spring 2020