Duke Immerse: 

A signature education initiative of Duke University

About Duke Immerse

Duke Immerse is a semester-long program for undergraduates, in which all courses are small seminars, disciplinary or interdisciplinary, and build on a single theme. Each Duke Immerse offering is led by a cohort of 2-4 faculty and consists of:

  • a cluster of courses in which everyone is enrolled – four integrated courses in a fall or spring semester or two integrated courses in a summer term
  • a curriculum based on one central theme and issues related to the professors’ research and expertise
  • high faculty and student interaction
  • classroom learning connected with the real world
  • small enrollments – fewer than 18 students each

Duke Immerse resembles the first-year Focus Program at Duke, except students take all courses together, not just a subset. Duke Immerse can also be an academic counterpart to the co-curricular DukeEngage program. Duke Immerse semesters often provide off-campus experiences to enhance the curriculum. They also may target sophomores or older students, depending on the need for prerequisites. All applicants must have completed Writing 101. Duke Immerse is not inherently a “study away“ program but travel away from Duke is supported if this clearly furthers the learning objectives of the program.

"Duke Immerse Imagining the Future of Food has it all: constant learning, immersive travel, delicious food, and the best professors at Duke. I look back on my Immerse semester as the absolute highlight of my time at Duke," says Annie Roberts, T'21. Duke Immerse students are curious and engaged; they are also:

  • Athletes, A.B./B.N. Duke Scholars, Robertson Scholars (from UNC and Duke), Baldwin Scholars, David M. Rubenstein Scholars, Cardea Fellows and Teaching Fellows, commissioned officers in the U.S. Army, sorority sisters and fraternity brothers
  • Recognized for their leadership and commitment to civic engagement, service learning, the arts, social justice and the study of human rights
  • Financial aid recipients:  Over the years, 60% Duke Immerse undergraduates received financial support

​To date, 31% of Duke Immerse students graduate with honors and 25% write honors theses. Rights & Identities in the Americas has the greatest proportion (42%) of seniors pursuing honors theses, in Public Policy, International Comparative Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistics, or Program II. Nearly 13% graduate Phi Beta Kappa. Two Uprooted/Rerouted students have received highly competitive scholarships following their Duke Immerse semester. In 2017, Bryce Cracknell, a Public Policy major and Environmental Science and Policy minor, received the Udall Scholarship. Jamie Bergstrom, an International Comparative Studies major with Arabic and Asian & Middle Eastern Studies minors, received the Truman Scholarship in 2014.

Participation in Duke Immerse includes a $300-1,500 course fee, in addition to Duke tuition. Duke's Karsh Office of Undergraduate Financial Support provides additional grant aid to cover the cost of any course fee for all student receiving aid. Email the financial aid office (finaid@duke.edu) to learn more.

Please note: All students participating in Duke Immerse fall 2021 are expected to follow Duke's guidelines and policies for undergraduates regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, masking and social distancing. For more information, check out Duke United or contact Duke Immerse Program Director, Morgan Barlow

Questions? Contact Program Director Morgan Barlow, immerse@duke.edu.