Students and faculty suggest most of the programs we support. Many address ways to make it easier for students to better get to know professors — and their research.

Intellectual Breaks

Duke Spring Breakthrough 2017

    Courses for the Curious:  Fee Free. Grade Free. Stress Free. read more »

Meet Professors Outside of Class

Duke Conversations

Duke Conversations is an undergraduate-led program that makes it easy for professors to host student dinners in their homes. read more »


FLUNCH allows students to invite faculty to dine with them in designated dining venues on East, West and Central campuses.  read more »

Immersive Service and Innovative Teaching


DukeEngage funds Duke undergraduates who wish to pursue an immersive service experience by meeting a community need domestically or internationally. read more »

Bass Fellows

Fellows are professors selected for their extreme dedication to teaching undergraduates and for their stellar research.  read more »

Duke Immerse

Duke Immerse is a semester-long program in which all courses are small seminars, interdisciplinary and build on a single theme.  read more »

Faculty and Student Living Groups


The Faculty-in-Residence Program houses professors in first-year residence halls to encourage interaction between faculty members and undergraduate students beyond the classroom or lab.  read more »