Woojin  Kim

William W. Elliott Assistant Research Professor

Assistant Research Professor of Mathematics
  • I am interested in establishing rigorous mathematical foundations for studying "shape" of data, using ideas of "topology" --- a subfield of mathematics. You can find more information about my research in my personal website https://wj-kim.com
  • I came from South Korea. I did my undergraduate study in math education at Seoul National University, and obtained my math Ph.D. at Ohio State in 2020.
  • Since I'm Korean, listening to K-pop has always been a normal thing to me, even before it gained popularity around the world. Also, I had been also trained in dancing (K-pop and hiphop) by professional teachers during my college years. I like not only dancy K-pops, but also many lyrical K-pops which are less popular world wide.
  • My favorite movies are Titanic (1997) and Parasite (2019). I love to take a walk. While doing it, I ponder over unsettled math ideas, reflect on myself, plan my future, or simply clear my minds with fresh air and music from my earbuds. I also used to go to gym every other day before Covid-19. I love jogging and hiking too.