Suzanne J Wasiolek

Adjunct Associate Professor of Education

  • I came to Duke 47 years ago as a freshman and basically never left. I have 3 degrees from Duke, one from NCCU and another from UPenn. I've always loved school!
  • I was a first-gen student on full financial aid.
  • My undergraduate years at Duke were very challenging - I felt totally unprepared academically and socially. What kept me anchored was my roommate (we lived together my entire time as an undergrad), my RA and my neighbors in my residence hall. Even though I struggled to feel that I belonged at Duke, I knew that my roommate, my RA and neighbors cared about me.
  • I was pre-med at Duke, was rejected by 7 medical schools, went to graduate school in health administration, worked in health care for 18 months and hated it, and realized the best decision ever made for me was by those 7 medical schools. I still love reading about and learning about health and well-being, but thank goodness I don't work in that environment.
  • I served as an RA in graduate school, which it what led me to a career in Student Affairs - I have loved my 40 years working with students - it has been a joy!
  • The very best thing I've ever been allowed to do is serve as a faculty-in-residence (FIR)on East Campus in G-A  and also in Belltower.  Any opportunity to contribute to creating a sense of community for Duke students is something very important to me that I will embrace.
  • I have no athletic ability - I can't hit, throw, or catch a ball. I'm a great spectator, though (I've missed one Duke home football game in 47 years and have seen most away games over the past 25 years). I have been a runner, though, for 45 years and I still run a few times a week - VERY SLOWLY -with my running group, the Wheezers and the Geezers. I call what we do SHLOGGING! On other days, I try to work out on the bike or elliptical.
  • Law school became of interest to me after I was sued a number of times. I enjoyed law school so much that I ended up getting 2 law degrees.
  • I wrote a book, Getting the Best Out of College, with Anne Crossman (Duke grad) and Peter Feaver (a Duke political science professor). We did not get rich off of this book.
  • I really enjoy food, talking about it but especially eating it.
  • Learning to dance and play the violin (better) are two dreams of mine.
  • Nothing is better than hanging out with Duke students!