Lecturing Fellow of Thompson Writing Program

  • I am originally from Mexico City, Mexico. I moved to the US to complete a Masters and Ph.D. program about 12 years ago. I miss Mexico but don't know if I will be able to move back.

  • I am bilingual. My mom is from Iowa, US, and my dad from Guerrero, Mexico. I was taught English by my mom at a very early age. My Spanglish comes out in full color when I am with my brother.

  • I love soccer and buy the Panini soccer album every time the WorldCup happens. I have to con my friends in Mexico to not only buy it for me but also trade stamps with their students. Many of my friends are educators.

  • I love to cook but only learned how to do it after college. My favorite food is Mexican (that's a surprise!) but has learned a lot about American food since living here.

  • I have always been interested in Latin American literature and culture. I am most recently interested in film and theater.