Matthew  Hirschey

Associate Professor of Medicine

Associate Professor in Pharmacology and Cancer Biology
Associate Professor
Member of Sarah W. Stedman Nutrition and Metabolism Center
Member of the Duke Cancer Institute
  • I’m a scientist at Duke University, and run a lab focused on metabolism and metabolic regulation. Starting in chemistry, we work on a lot of diseases including diabetes and cancer.
  • Lately I’ve been interested in how people come up with good ideas, scientific and otherwise. I’ve started a writing project called Heureka!, which explores ideas around creativity and idea generation. I don’t know where the project will go, but am enjoying reading, thinking, and writing.
  • I also started a new course this fall called Tidybiology: An Introduction to Biological Data Science in R. I’m becoming more certain that tools in Data Science can help graduate students and the biomedical science enterprise.
  • I’m still running, and do garage gym workouts with a fit neighbor to fight aging.
  • I recently completed a few obstacle course races, including the National and World Championships.