Liliana  Paredes

Professor of the Practice of Romance Studies

  • I did my undergraduate in Lima, Peru.
  • I have been in this country for more than 25 years.
  • I love cooking and trying new recipes, but I have never tried to cook Indian food. I'd love to, though.
  • I practice mindfulness meditation.
  • I am very fond of dogs, I have a beagle, his name is Dart.
  • I love the beach, I miss the Pacific Ocean but I have a good time in the Atlantic.
  • I am considering transitioning into vegetarianism. Hard for me because i love meats. Advise, welcome.
  • Places I'd love to visit: Vietnam, Scotland, Oaxaca (Mexico), Barcelona, (Spain).
  • Things i care about: promote anti-racist language, denounce racism and racist language. Immigration and issues of justice around immigration policies and practices globally; indigenous groups, languages and revitalization projects.