Clark  Bray

Associate Professor of the Practice of Mathematics

Supervisor of First-Year Instruction (SFI) of Mathematics

Personal information

  • Math/physics undergrad at Rice, Math Ph.D. at Stanford, taught at Stanford for a few years then came to Duke in 2004.
  • Live in Hillsborough with wife & daughter & hound mix.
  • I love music (blues, jazz, classical, pre-1980 rock), and am a stereo audiophile (vinyl fan), Good enough on a guitar to entertain myself but not anyone else.
  • Used to watch a lot of movies, but now more of a Netflix/Prime/HBO binger; some recent faves are The Americans, Money Heist, Turn, Narcos. I also enjoy Marvel and Star Wars movies, and some of the DC movies and shows.
  • I was a big ultimate player in college, and I'm one of those few who can throw forehand better than backhand. Less in grad school (knee problems), but was a three time winner of the Stanford Disc Golf Tournament.
  • I'm an amateur carpenter around the house, and built our entertainment center, whole wall office built-ins, and dining table among other things. Fan of life hacks.