Cary  Moskovitz

Professor of the Practice in the Thompson Writing Program

  • Ph.D. in aerospace engineering; Masters in Architecture. I direct the Writing in the Disciplines program at Duke.

  • I am currently researching "self-plagiarism" in scientific writing supported by NSF grant.

  • Life-long musician. Played guitar in rock, blues, and prog-rock bands in my younger days. Now I play guitar, banjo, and harmonica in traditional U.S. string bands (early blues, Appalachian "old-time" music, etc.) I've recorded a couple of CDs.

  • I've done lots of hiking, canoeing, and sailing. (My wife and I sailed our own boat from Maine to NC when I took the job at Duke.)

  • I have two kids--one of whom just started at Virginia Tech (which is where I attended architecture school).

  • I don't watch a lot of TV, but I'm really enjoying "The Good Place."