Office of Undergraduate Education: Student Funding

The Student Funding Program is on Hold for the Fall 2020 Semester. Please check back on our website routinely for updates and annoucemets regarding Spring 2021 decisions. 

OUE’s Priorities

  • Connecting students and faculty
  • Promoting inclusive academic experiences
  • Promoting research engagement
  • Enhancing the living-learning experience

Purpose of funding: To fund organizations or individuals involved in academic opportunities that directly align with OUEs funding priorities. 

OUE is primarily interested in funding academic conferences in which students are presenting their own work, or are actively participating in a workshop where an academic project or product will emerge. General conferences pertaining to non-academic coursework will be redirected to other Duke offices. 

OUE is not a primary source for funding. OUE will be funding organizations and individuals as a supplemental funding source to be used in conjunction with other funding streams. Students are encouraged to seek additional sources of funding prior to submitting a fund request to our office. 

Only in very rare cases will OUE fund independently. Funding requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by a team of OUE administrators. Funds will not be awarded for personal needs or activities lacking a clear academic emphasis.


Average award amounts per financial year: 

  • Organizations: $1000
  • Individuals $500