Office of Undergraduate Education: Student Funding

OUE’s Priorities

  • Connecting students and faculty
  • Promoting inclusive academic experiences
  • Promoting research engagement
  • Enhancing the living-learning experience


Purpose of funding: To fund organizations or individuals involved in activities that directly align with OUEs funding priorities.  Funding requests will only be approved that fall outside the funding priorities of other Duke offices. Additionally, OUE will not usually act as a first-line of funding, but rather will be supplemental and to be used in conjunction with other funding sources. Only in very rare cases will OUE fund independently. OUE funding will only be provided for activities that directly benefit Duke undergraduates. Funding requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by a team of OUE administrators. Funds will not be awarded for personal needs or activities lacking a clear academic emphasis.


Average Award amounts:

  • Organizations: $1000
  • Individuals $500




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