Kristin Anne Goss

Kevin D. Gorter Associate Professor of Political Science (2017 - 2022)

Kristin Goss is an Associate Professor of Public Policy and Political Science and founding director of the Duke in DC program. As a political scientist, her research has influenced several fields of study including social movements, gender politics, and the policymaking process particularly in areas of gun control and women in politics. Through her work she has addressed broad questions of importance in multiple disciplines. As a teacher, she has developed and successfully executed various undergraduate courses that have earned her stellar course and instructor ratings. She has been described as skilled in challenging students to dig deeply and develop well-founded arguments based upon factual evidence. This teaching has translated into high demand for her to serve as an advisor. Overall, her efforts are described as a “potent triple threat”: a great teacher, and a nationally recognized scholar of political science who connects her research and scholarship to real-time political engagement in a nonpartisan and balanced manner.