Judith Kelley

Kevin D. Gorter Associate Professor of Public Policy (2012 - 2017)

Judith Kelley is a path-breaking researcher with appointments in both the Sanford School and in the Department of Political Science. Her work focuses on two main questions: how can international actors and organizations influence governments to promote domestic political reforms, and what roles do international norms and law play in constraining state behavior. Within the discipline of Political Sciences, her subfield is European politics, with emphasis on policies regarding ethnic conflict and the interaction with institutions. She has excelled in teaching all stages of the public policy major: the introductory course, advanced seminars, and the honors project seminar. Students describe her as a “great instructor with a high level of enthusiasm, always well-organized and interesting.” One student writes “Kelly was by far the best lecture professor I have had so far. I’m majoring in Public Policy now because the program is so strong and the material so interesting. Another comments “I love the way she ties current issues with theoretical issues.” And yet another, “she motivated us to use what we learned out of class and get involved in keeping aware of international politics.”