Jerry Reiter

Mrs. Alexander Hehmeyer Associate Professor of Statistical Science (2010 - 2015)

Dr. Reiter teaches undergraduate courses in statistics, including both large introductory courses with over 100 students and small advanced courses designed for students pursuing a major or minor in statistical science. In all courses, Reiter teaches students that statistical science is not simply application of formulas; rather, it is the search for data-based answers to real-world problems. He uses genuine questions from the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities to help students learn statistical thinking, thereby enabling them make better decisions in the presence of uncertainty. Professor Reiter was awarded the Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award in 2007 (and nominated multiple times before and after 2007). He is also a leading researcher on methods of protecting confidentiality in shared data and on methods of handling missing data. He has involved undergraduates in this research, resulting in peer-reviewed publications co-authored with Duke undergraduates.