Spring Breakthrough offers Duke students a free, unique spring break. It consists of 11 four-day courses taught by Duke faculty from Monday, March 7th to Thursday, March 10th, 2022. The non-credit courses are designed to explore intellectual interests in a fun and refreshing way, with professors and students one might not otherwise encounter. 

Courses are offered in a range of topics, and participants are encouraged to explore new disciplines. There are no prerequisites, grades or credits. The only expectation is that students engage meaningfully with fellow students and faculty while exploring their intellectual curiosity.  Participation will be noted on transcripts.


The idea came from Provost Sally Kornbluth. As an undergraduate at Williams College, she took a three-week, ungraded class outside of her major that changed the course of her career from political science to biology. The experience left such an impression, she wanted Duke students to have a similar opportunity to explore new intellectual interests.


What is it?

  • Freeincluding meals, to all undergraduates. Students live on campus.
  • No prerequisites, grades or credits. 
  • No applications. Students sign up during fall registration under "POE," practice-oriented education, in Duke Hub.
  • Seminar themes vary greatlyranging from dolphin communication to US history through the lens of popular culture.

When is it?

  • March 7 - 10, 2022, during part of Duke's official spring break.
  • Classes usually run from the morning into the early evening, with meal breaks.

Where will it be held?

  • Takes place mostly on campus, with different fun activities and experiences.

How do I sign up?

  • Register in DukeHub.
  • All Spring Breakthrough courses can be found under "Subject," then “P” for POE 105 (practice-oriented experience). Each individual course will have a different section number. You can only register for one class.


Please email fsengagement@duke.edu