The Bass Society of Fellows, in partnership with Duke Learning and Innovation, supports the Bass Teaching Triangles program, which is modeled after the Teaching Squares initiative at other universities.

The Bass Teaching Triangles program connects three colleagues to discuss and reflect on teaching experiences and methodologies without the pressure of evaluation. The main goal of Bass Teaching Triangles is to promote collaborative learning by sharing teaching practices and gaining inspiration from colleagues, emphasizing a supportive environment focused on professional development.

All Duke faculty members are encouraged to apply to the Bass Teaching Triangles program. Participants in the semester-long program should expect to:

  • be organized into small groups of three based on availability
  • gather for an introductory meeting (perhaps over coffee or lunch)
  • observe their group members’ classes
  • welcome the observation of their own classes
  • meet for dinner to debrief the experience and share observations

If you are interested in the Bass Teaching Triangles program, please complete the online interest form linked below. Those who express interest by Wednesday, January 24th, will receive priority consideration. If you have questions, please email