Student-Faculty Engagement Office

Offering some of the most popular and sustained faculty and student engagement opportunities such as FLUNCH, Duke Conversations, and Spring Breakthrough, the Student-Faculty Engagement Office curates and maintains programs that foster relationship building for faculty and students.

The office is predicated on the belief that student and faculty interactions beyond the classroom are crucial to the Duke Opportunity and that every student deserves this promise.

We curate spaces framed around our Duke Values in order to build and maintain opportunities that are inclusive, anti-racist, and welcoming for all students and faculty.  Our mission is to break down barriers of belonging for our students and faculty. Join us in the connection movement!

Our team: 

Leslie Parkins, Ed.D.
Director of the Student-Faculty Engagement Office
+1 919 684 5832

Theo Cai
Program Coordinator of the Student-Faculty Engagement Office
+1 919 684 1368

Office email: