Henri Gavin

W.H. Gardner, Jr., Associate Professor of Engineering (2006 - 2011)

Professor Henri Gavin has distinguished himself as an international leader in the field of earthquake engineering. He seeks to determine the risks posed by earthquakes to critical and fragile components of our infrastructure network (such as data centers and telecommunication hubs) and how these risks may be mitigated. Gavin’s principal pedagogical goal is to guide students to develop methods founded on basic engineering principles to solve contemporary problems, and to appreciate the role of uncertainty in this endeavor. In doing so, he and a colleague conceptualized and implemented WEAVE: the Web-based Educational framework for Analysis, Visualization, and Experimentation, in cooperation with the Center for Instructional Technology, which allows students to conduct experiments through their web browsers and to observe the results to their inputs. Professor Gavin was awarded the Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award in 2008.