Alison Rabil

Assistant Vice Provost and Director of the Karsh Office of Undergraduate Financial Support

I began work in financial aid in 1989 at Columbia University’s Law School in NYC, managing their public interest loan forgiveness program. I worked in financial aid at Columbia until 1998, when I moved to Seattle to work at the University of Washington’s Carlson Center for Leadership and Public Service. I came back to NY to continue work in service and decided in 2002 to return to financial aid at Columbia. In 2004, I became the Director of Financial aid at Barnard College, my alma mater, and moved from there to my current position at Duke. I am passionate about access to education. I am organized (so I don’t mind all the rules that come with this job) and enjoy a challenge. My mission is to be fair, accessible, open minded, and as generous as possible given the parameters within which I must work. I see myself as an advocate and a voice for those who cannot afford the full cost at Duke, and I work to ensure that our concerns are the concerns of the University.

Contact Information
Karsh Office of Undergraduate Financial Support
Campus Box 90397