Winter Forum 2016

Madagascar 2030: The Sustainable Development Innovation Challenge

Madagascar, the planet’s most exotic frontier, is also among its most threatened. How can we draw upon principles of innovation, entrepreneurship, and human-centered design to reimagine Madagascar and turn a struggling state into a success, both for its lemurs and other incredible species and for its human population? Winter Forum 2016 challenged Duke undergraduate students to design sustainable solutions, harnessing the democratization of science, technology, and innovation for meeting the new Sustainable Development Goals in areas such as health, poverty, economic development, education, social inclusion, and resilience by the year 2030.

The forum took place on campus at the Fuqua School of Business. It was sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Education and the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative, in collaboration with the Duke Lemur Center and others across Duke.  The overall winning team was Food Security 5 with its "Mamboly" project.  Team members included Jordan Lucore, Pauline Grieb, Eudora Miao, Sebastian Lin and Ted Yavuzkurt.  The People's Choice winner was Health 4 with its "MedEx" project.  Those team members included Helen Lu, Shannon Malloy, Julia Myhre and John Lu. The deadline to submit an application was 11:59 pm on Friday, September 25, 2016.