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DukeImmerse programs are developed by Duke faculty and offered as a 4-course semester or 2-course summer session. Effective and engaging programs may be offered more than once. Here are our current and upcoming offerings:

Fall 2017

  • Rights & Identities in the Americas: Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, and Contemporary Challenges

    Exploring human rights principles within the context of migration and identity.  read more »

  • Governance, Policy & Society: Urban Affairs and Urban Politics in the American South and South Africa

    Researching urban life, governance, and policy-making in the American South and South Africa.  read more »

Spring 2018

  • Deconstructing/Reconstructing the Refugee Experience

    Exploring the dynamics and the challenges of human displacement through the lens of individual refugees, host communities and international law. read more »

  • Intercultural Competency & Community-Based Learning: Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers for a Globalized World

    Preparing teacher-leaders to thrive in an increasingly globalized and diverse world. read more »

Fall 2018

  • Imagining Food Futures

    Bringing scholars in the natural sciences and the humanities together to explore how food is grown, who grows it, how we talk about this, and why it matters. read more »